The Wonderfulness Program

90-day Personal Program

During our weekly private sessions, you’ll learn how to:


  • Revitalize by using your intuition and pleasure to guide what and how you eat (no more calorie counting!)
  • Increase your stamina as you strengthen and tone your body by building your habit of daily movement (no more gyms or long workouts required!)
  • Relieve stress and enjoy your life by embracing pleasure, fun, and play (no more guilt!)
  • Restore your energy and calm your mind by prioritizing deep relaxation habits (no more needing caffeine to get through your day!)
  • Feel connected to your deeper self and greater life by cultivating mindfulness and other personalized wellness practices (welcome to wonderfulness!)



You’ll also get:


  • Insider tips on managing stress and adding more pleasure to your life
  • Midweek check in via text or email for that extra oomph of motivation
  • Subscription to my Weekly Wonderfulness blog my latest posts, thoughts, and recipes
  • Membership in private Facebook Wonderfulness Group to connect with other women and share wisdom and ideas







BONUS: Want some more help? Add a weekly 30-minute personal training session to The Wonderfulness Program for the special price of $420 (and save $100)!