What Is The Wonderfulness Program?


  • Are you confused by all of the conflicting health and wellness advice you hear?
  • Can you remember the last time you really enjoyed yourself (without regretting it later)?
  • Are you dragging yourself through your days, fueled mainly by caffeine, sugar, and stress?
  • Do you feel isolated, lonely, and out-of-touch even with your own dreams?
  • Does wellness seem like one more thing you know you really should do–and yet, you don’t?


If you answered YES to any–or all–of these questions, The Wonderfulness Program can help!

About the Wonderfulness Program

The Wonderfulness Program offers you a holistic approach to wellness. The 5 Facets–Nourish, Move, Play, Rest, and Connect–encompass your whole lifestyle. What you do in one area affects another. Developing healthy and helpful patterns in all of these areas revitalizes you. Like the many sides of a cut gem, The 5 Facets combine to deliver dazzling wonderfulness.

If your plate feels like it’s already overflowing with things to do, know that this isn’t about adding more to it. The Wonderfulness Program is about making your plate bigger and more able to hold as much deliciousness as you want. Through a series of small modifications, you’ll build on each success and finally figure out what is your ideal way to nurture, move, play, rest, and connect.

The Wonderfulness Program is not a challenge. There is no way for you to fail. This is an adventure where finding your ideal path is as important and pleasurable as the destination.

How Is The Wonderfulness Program Different From Other Wellness Programs?

You are unique. The Wonderfulness Program gets this. It is not a cookie-cutter approach. Finding your ideal way to practice the 5 Facets is at the heart of The Wonderfulness Program.

Other programs may ask you to make grandiose changes based on their belief systems. The Wonderfulness Program helps you take the small steps that actually work for the life you live, with your unique needs, tastes, and desires. Small changes, over time, create big results.

The Wonderfulness Program is not about developing greater willpower. Instead, it’s about elevating your good habits, transforming your unhelpful ones, and finding what truly motivates you. Your intuition is one of your greatest–though often ignored–wellness assets. Strengthening it in each of The 5 Facets empowers you to become your own authority on the path to wonderfulness.

Finally, while other programs are based on deprivation and arduous workouts, The Wonderfulness Program aspires to see how  much pleasure, luxury, and glamour can be brought to your wellness practices.


Are you struggling to bring some wonderfulness into your life? I would love to help!